March 4th for HIV: Advocacy Day at the Capital

PlaceFirst United Methodist Church Family Life Center
Address1300 Lavaca St., Austin, TX 78701
"I personally am getting really tired of who I am and my health being a political tool.  I'm a person. I'm not a policy."

-Scot More, Houston, TX

REGISTER TODAY for our March 4th advocacy day at the Capitol in Austin!
  This is your chance to meet advocates from across the state, and share your story with your elected officials and their staff.

The decision making process for Medicaid Expansion has been handed to the states, so we will be encouraging our legislators and decision makers to do the right thing, and put people before politics.  Join us in Austin on March 4, 2013 where we will meet directly with our elected officials, and share our stories.  CLICK HERE to register, and please consider organizing your friends and colleagues to join you.  The more people who are a part of the process, the better chances we have of getting the results we want and need.